Alice’s Dream


  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Plant growth: indeterminate
  • Leaf type: regular leaf
  • Time to maturity: midseason
  • Germination tested after Hot Water Seed Treatment for fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15

“Alice’s Dream” has a lot to offer! Beautiful foliage, and lovely TASTY fruits. The foliage is gorgeous with regular leaves and antho on the leaves and stems.
I have been told that this is a cross between Fahrenheit Blues and Copia. My seeds came from a vendor overseas. A tomato friend has verified that breeder is Zbigniew Pawluczuk, in the Poland website
I do not know the generation or if this is a developing line. I will mark this as a developing line just to be safe. Remember that a developing line is one in which you may get slightly different results from your seeds than the previous generation.
What about the flavor? Per my highly scientific tasting notes:
“Fruity but not like tropical fruits. Tangy. Concentrated tomato flavor as in when I dehydrate sweet tomatoes. Hard to describe, but very rich tasting. One of my favorites so far, and it is an unusual flavor…but not in a weird aftertaste way.”

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