Lucky Swirl


  • 2016 Dwarf Project release
  • Grown and sold by Heritage Tomato Seed
  • Plant growth: indeterminate, dwarf
  • Leaf type: regular, rugose
  • Time to maturity: mid/late season
  • Year seed harvested: 2016
  • Seeds per pack: 15

“Lucky Swirl” originated with a cross between Dwarf Russian Swirl and Lucky Cross made by Ray South and called Jaunty. Lucky Swirl was selected and named by Marjorie Holloway. The vigorous, high yielding regular leaf dwarf plants yield smooth oblate yellow fruit with red swirls, running between 6-14 ounces. The flavor is very reminiscent of many of the well known indeterminate bicolored varieties such as Pineapple and Old German; sweet, mild and very tasty. The release is regular leaf. Involved are Ray South, Marjorie Holloway, Dee Sackett, Robbins Hail, Shawn Conant, Lisa Moore, Willa Osis, Justin Sieglaff, Marsha Eisenberg, Susan Oliverson, and Craig LeHoullier. The starting seed sample was grown and provided by Bill Minkey.
For more information on the Dwarf Tomato Project check out the project’s site here or Craig’s site here.

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