Lover’s Lunch


  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Plant growth: indeterminate
  • Leaf type: regular leaf
  • Time to maturity: mid-late season
  • Germination tested after Hot Water Seed Treatment for fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15+

“Lover’s Lunch” is a variety by Wild Boar Farms that has the potential to be both beautiful and tasty. I have to say “the potential” because I have read great reviews about it…but Lover’s Lunch emphatically does not like my climate (well, what sane plant does?) to the extent that I have not actually seen a fruit fully ripe or tasted it. The fruits are medium-sized beefsteaks, some a bit more heart-shaped, yellow and red striped at full ripeness and yellow/green striped when unripe. The flesh is bicolored yellow and red.
The reason I have been unsuccessful in growing this, despite trying for three years, is that it has been rather late in my garden. I have tried planting it early, but by the time fruits are at breaker, the gene for “freckles” has been activated by my heat and humidity combination. Another variety that has this gene is “Beauty Mark” by Tom Wagner. The freckles can be very cute, but they don’t make for a smooth-skinned beauty. And the shelf life is not long due to cracking and freckling (the skin is very tender), so that if I pick them unripe, there is a large chance that it will rot before full ripeness.
So it is in my mind that this is potentially a very pretty and tasty tomato, but I probably will not attempt it again, simply because it will not produce successfully in my difficult growing climate.

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