Pools Glas

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  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Plant growth: indeterminate
  • Leaf type: regular leaf
  • Time to maturity: early
  • Germination tested after Hot Water Seed Treatment for fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20

“Pools Glas” is a rather difficult to find variety, originating in the Netherlands, collected from Sluis en Groot in 1960 and donated to the USDA. The plant has restrained growth despite being indeterminate, and it produces an abundance of perfectly formed red small salad fruits. The tomatoes are a good, firm texture, which is preserved after ripening on the counter when picked at breaker. The flavor is that of a regular tomato, balance of acid and sugar but not especially sweet. It is a little workhorse in the tomato garden.

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