Raspberry Sugared Plum (Saharnaja Sliva Malinovaja)


  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Plant growth: COMPACT determinate or semi-determinate
  • Leaf type: regular leaf
  • Time to maturity: midseason
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20+
  • Germination tested after Hot Water Seed Treatment for Fungal and Bacterial Diseases

“Raspberry Sugared Plum” (Saharnaja Sliva Malinovaja; Сахарная слива малиновая) is as cute as the name. The plants are said to grow 36-40” tall, but mine were shorter because I grew this as a hanging basket plant. I do believe it would have been better in a pot with caging though, so I will list it here as a compact rather than a hanging basket variety. The fruits are elongated plums, raspberry pink, meaty, and sweet. They do not taste like raspberries. 😊 They do taste like little sweet yummy tomatoes. Fun to grow, and would make a nice snacking dish along with Pirkstine Yellow or (the real) Honeydrop Cherry.
Another tomato enthusiast whose opinion I greatly value brought to my attention that Raspberry Sugared Plum could possibly be a rename of Chio Chio San. I grew Chio Chio San in 2014, I believe…not certain if that was the year, but I don’t remember enough about it to state with certainty that this might or might not be the case. So I am listing this variety now under the name of which I received it, and I will grow Chio Chio San side by side with Raspberry Sugared Plum next season to compare. If I believe that they are the same, I will remove this listing and not continue to sell Raspberry Sugared Plum.

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