Rezha Macedonian (UNBAGGED BLOOMS)


    • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
    • Time to maturity: midseason
    • Heat: low heat to medium heat
    • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 10+
    • Capsicum annuum
    • UNBAGGED Bloom Seeds

Rezha Macedonian has the most interesting appearance. It is completely corky (crossed with raised lines) similar to the Farmer’s Market Jalapeño. Rezha Macedonian has extremely thin walls and will dry excellently without molding even without use of a dehydrator. The size is that of a large banana pepper. The thin walls and decent size make this a very good candidate for paprika, chile salts, and other powdered (smoked or unsmoked) spices. Be careful with this one, as the heat can vary considerably even in the same season, with hot dry weather ramping up the hotness…possibly this is enhanced here due to the thin walls.
UNBAGGED BLOOM seeds in this case means that my plant was isolated by either distance or time of bloom; however, no bags were placed over the blooms, and it is possible that a romantic and ambitious little bee came a’wanderin’. It is possible to see a crossed fruit that may not be exactly like the original. It may be hot (or not) or a different size/shape. I believe the chances of this are very low; however, I cannot guarantee true to type fruits from these seeds. The prices will be reduced from my usual standard for this reason.

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