Star of David Okra


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“Star of David” okra makes slices that look like beautiful and special star…the Star of David, which is known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David. The cut slices resemble a hexagram, the compound of two equilateral triangles. What makes this okra so amazing is the size of the cut slices. Three slices overfilled my palm. This is THE perfect choice for frying.
A well-known gardening forum featured this description, and I felt that it was particularly appropriate:
“Having just harvested my first “Star of David” Okra, I felt this information was worth passing along. It is one of the largest varieties that I’ve ever planted. Ideal for frying, roasting, gumbo, or even sautéed since smaller okra truly shrivels up in the pan. For my first fried okra in years, it was great! However, this is not the variety to pickle unless you have enough gallon containers to experiment. This is such a large variety that once you get your first one in the jar, it might be difficult to squeeze in more. The flipside, and there always is one, is that you are sacrificing quantity for quality. The plant itself cannot produce as much as the smaller okra varieties. It’s a tradeoff – depending upon what you want. But, even at that, it’s one of those that you just have to grow to say that you can.”
After all of this is said, I can say that I am so disappointed not to have remembered to take a PHOTO of the cut slices! I will be sure to remember to do this next season.
NOTE: International orders must select the “Padded Envelope with Customs Form and Tracking” option during the checkout process. Okra seeds cannot be shipped in plain envelopes, due to crush injury of the seeds without sufficient padding.

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