PLEASE NOTE: Due to large numbers of orders, order processing will take 5 to 15 days. 
First Class mail has been taking up to 3 weeks to arrive right now. Because of this, no reships or refunds will be processed until 3 weeks after the order was sent. Priority Mail is now taking 4 to 7 days on items still marked as 2 day shipping, but it does have tracking. International orders have been taking 8 weeks to 3+ months to arrive. 
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Heritage Seed Market is a virtual marketplace of individual seed vendors, each with a passion for maintaining heirloom seed stock and/or establishing new open-pollinated varieties.

This site is designed to fill two needs:

1. Enable customers to buy heirloom/OP seeds from multiple vendors, while paying a single, reasonable shipping fee.
2. Give small seed vendors, most who have “real” jobs, a place to offer their seeds, without having to create their own website or do their own shipping.

To accomplish the above we have created a cross-inventoried store with a central shipping site. Your order will be shipped by Ellie (“Bunny Hop Seeds”) located in Milton, Florida, and the website is maintained by Steve (“Heritage Tomato Seed”) located in Bonsall, California.

We will be adding new varieties year-round so please check back often!

If you have any questions or comments please contact us here.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

Ellie (Bunny Hop Seeds)
Steve (Heritage Tomato Seed)
Ted (Muddy Bucket Farm)