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If you have any questions about the varieties Ellie offers, please email her at bunnyhopseeds@gmail.com . To browse the varieties offered by “Bunny Hop Seeds” click here.

Greetings and News from Ellie:

For previews of my upcoming varieties, sale events, and my occasional reflections on gardening in general, take a peek at the Bunny Hop Seeds Facebook page! Lots of tomato pictures for your viewing pleasure… Bunny Hop Seeds Facebook Page

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: I have grown tomatoes for food and for hobby since I had my first garden in 1980, in rural Louisiana. Growing vegetables in the rich clay with predictable rainfall was not difficult. In 2004, however, I moved to a hot, humid location with incredibly poor sandy soil, alternating periods of drought and monsoon rains, and ravenous insects…growing anything but brambles was and continues to be quite a challenge. With a great deal of work, planning, and ongoing enrichment of the soil by the “bunny” of Bunny Hop Gardens, my passion for growing tomatoes has continued and even expanded.

Now it is not enough to grow tomato seeds purchased from the store. I am inspired to crossbreed tomatoes with the goal of providing the home growers of the Southeast US with tasty varieties in many colors, that will set fruit in the heat and withstand the many plant disease challenges we face. Additionally, I am attempting to provide a unique combination of the best nutrients tomatoes can give us in abundance, mainly two forms of lycopene and beta-carotene. And now at F4 and F5 generations, there are some promising lines developing! These are all pictured on the Bunny Hop Seeds Facebook Page.

“Bunny Hop Seeds” mascot, Fweddy-Fwed: