(Dwarf) Cajun Jewel


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“(Dwarf) Cajun Jewel” is a lovely dwarf okra, which has grown happily in a pickle bucket on my patio. This variety really expands the geographical area of who can grow tasty okra, as a pickle bucket is highly mobile for protecting from early and/or late frosts. I cannot find a history of this variety, other than various versions of the same statement that it is a Louisiana heirloom since the 1950s.
The Itawamba Historical Society recommends Cajun Jewel as an excellent choice for pan frying. Here is the posted recipe:
“My favorite method of cooking okra is pan frying. To me, the frozen and heavily battered deep-fried okra usually served in restaurants in no way resembles the home fried okra I have always enjoyed. The best way to prepare pan fried okra is to select small tender pods. After slicing the okra into a bowl, a simple generous dusting with corn meal and an ample supply of black pepper is all that is needed. After tossing the mixture, and adding a little salt, the okra is then pan-fried over medium heat until the batter is a golden brown. The result is a tender fried vegetable with a light crispy crunch.” http://itawambahistory.blogspot.com/2008/09/country-fried-okra-summer-table-staple.html
NOTE: International orders must select the “Padded Envelope with Customs Form and Tracking” option during the checkout process. Okra seeds cannot be shipped in plain envelopes, due to crush injury of the seeds without sufficient padding.

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