Purple Reign (Dwarf Purple Reign)


  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Plant growth: determinate, dwarf
  • Leaf type: regular leaf, rugose
  • Time to maturity: midseason
  • Germination tested after Hot Water Seed Treatment for fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15

“Purple Reign” (Dwarf Purple Reign) is a fine dwarf from Dean Slater's (of Mariseeds: https://www.mariannasheirloomseeds.com/) cross of Big Cheef and Dean's Gandolf line. It produces better than many other dwarf varieties in my heat and humidity. Nice purple beefsteaks on a vigorous but compact (3 feet for me) dwarf plant. The flesh is sweet, smooth, and soft at fully ripe.
These are now F8 seeds, so although my fruits have all been true to type across several plants and two seasons, I will list this as a developing variety. This means that there is a chance that plants and fruit grown from these seeds will be different than what I have shown and described here. I believe that it is stable, but I would rather be cautious in my listings and state the possibilities.

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