Striped Toga (Striped Togo)


  • Grown, sold, and described by Bunny Hop Seeds
  • Time to maturity: midseason
  • Shape: small oval/teardrop
  • Color: pale jade with dark green stripes; ripens to bright orange
  • Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20+

Striped Toga (Striped Togo) is not your average eggplant. To begin with, it is a S. aethiopicum rather than a S. melongena. It is said to come from Africa, so I am wondering if “Togo” is the correct spelling…having seen it more often listed as “Toga,” I will stick to that spelling for now. The size and shape of the fruits are similar to a large kumquat…and the deep orange color is also reminiscent.
Many people report on the seediness and strong taste, sometimes with bitterness. I have to say, they just aren’t using their heads. Do we normally eat eggplants in their physiologically ripe state? No! At the ripe state, all eggplants have mature seeds (firm, bitter) and some shade of yellow to red color. At the unripe state, which has an immature and mature stage, eggplants have a white, purple, pinkish, or pale green color…and the seeds are soft, edible and not bitter. What you see of the purple eggplants in the grocery store is called “mature,” meaning that they have reached full size, but they have not changed color to a shade of yellow/orange/red, and they are not ripe. So while you might want to show off to your friends the gorgeous deep orange color of these fruits (and who wouldn’t?), the best time for eating is while they are quite young but fully sized (mature but not ripe), pale jade, and not strong or bitter tasting. Grilled in kebabs with large cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and chunks of lamb, the UNRIPE but full-sized (thumb-sized in this case) Striped Toga is delicious. I have included a photo of unripe fruits for your comparison.

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