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“Jade” okra is a spectacular performer and a complex pedigree. Its parents include ‘Clemson Spineless’,‘Emerald’, ‘Goldcoast’, ‘Louisiana 97-2-1’, and ‘PI 248999’. An informative article published in 1990 described Jade’s attributes with comparisons to other popular varieties. Scott, McFerran, and Goode (1990) wrote, “‘Jade’ is a semi-dwarf okra…developed at the Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville. This cultivar is adapted for fresh commercial and home garden production. ‘Jade’ matures 10 days earlier, has darker green pods, and often produces a greater yield than ‘Clemson Spineless’. Pods of ‘Jade’ are less spiny and have a greater number of carpels than ‘Lee’, so that sliced pods hold seeds tightly. ‘Jade’ has more compact growth than ‘Jefferson’ plants” (p. 127). With all of these sterling attributes, it also tastes great! I do recommend this one for those who want the most okra “bang for their buck.”
Scott, S. J., McFerran, J., & Goode, M. J. (1990). ‘Jade’ okra. HortScience, 25(1), 127-128.
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